Work from home with your child

It is unlike anything you have ever done. But the recent times have changed the dynamic of the workplaces for many. How do you include your toddler but still have time to get work done? Your little isn’t old enough to take care of themselves or keep entertained for long periods of time. And quite frankly they don’t understand the concept of you being at home but not playing or engaging with them.

A lot of child psychologists out there suggest spurts of focused time where you break up your day by allowing small windows of play time with your toddler. Picking a sensory activity with minimal assistance needed.  Give your toddler water to play with, protect the floors, make sure the space is safe.  Give them cups an allow them to explore, they will enjoy the independence given and this will allow you some time to do work tasks.

Your little one may want to mimick what you are doing, give them some paper, pens, or their play laptop and they can “work together with mommy/daddy”.  This will also help make them feel included and most importantly not neglected. Last but not least, set reasonable expectations for yourself for each day as each day will be different. You may feel like you have a tactic set out and your toddler may not want to cooperate the next day.  And do not get overwhelmed with the idea of having no screen time. If in fact it is the only way you can take the work call, do not worry about turning their “brain to mush” or endangering their mental development.  Find educational video games or videos that will entertain them. After all, you are attempting something that you have never done.





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