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Crafts with your toddler

Your children are so curious about the world and they are eager to learn it all. Hence why they never stop, all day every day.

The best way to get their attention is to show them how to create!! Craft, bake, cook, cut, shred, colour, mould, so many activities to put their little minds and hands to work and get their imagination going. And they will be so proud of themselves when they make something. And will keep asking for more. This can probably be resorted to as the cheapest activity as long as you can dedicate the time and obviously materials.

And if time is of an obstacle make it seasonal. Do a craft for every big holiday! Make it a special activity for Easter, Valentines, Xmas, Halloween. And they will learn to expect it and be excited to come up with ideas with you especially as they grow and learn more.

Whether is is baking, creating with paper, using stickers, old buttons, rice, beans, their little minds will want to do it all! If you feel like ideas aren’t your strength, Youtube is a great resource where you can get some hints as to what your project may be.  Or one of those subscription plans. And yes this may be messy, probably most will be, but it will be the best bonding experience your child will have with you. They look up to you with everything you do, their eyes watch you non stop, their ears listen to all you say, you are the best role model and teacher. (well at least until preschool 🙂

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