How do you discipline?

Once again, the parent handbook was not ever written on this topic. And to say you can avoid this altogether is impossible as children will test your limits as well as their own. They are learning, exploring, constantly figuring out their place in the world. And by this, we mean your world, not the whole entire one yet. All of this will cause a lot of emotions, theirs, and yours naturally. In addition, their safety may be compromised by the behaviour to be disciplined. Well, the way you handle it will obviously depend on the age of the child. As toddlers they are intuitive, they feel your frowns and tones, but still can’t fully process why you react this way. That is why repetition is key! As is with teaching them rhymes and the alphabet; same concept applies to teach behaviours.

Do you scold them and raise your voice, do you send them to quiet time/time out? Do you take away their toy or tell them they won’t get their favourite snack? Every child will respond to each of these differently. But as you remain consistent in your methods, your child’s memory will slowly learn the ways to behave in same situations over time. Overall, your children spend the most time observing and mimicking you so using the “monkey see monkey do” analogy sometimes works really well. For example, as they are constantly hearing you say please and thank you to them and others, they will eventually start using the same language.

Patience and consistency is the key as your will hear from most parents especially as they reach teenage years with their children. But by the time you get there, you will have established the most suitable method to discipline/teach which hopefully will make this easier.


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