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The struggles of breastfeeding

From a page of an  unwritten diary of one mom (because simply there was never time to keep a diary):

“All the excitement of being pregnant and giving birth completely dissipates when you are about to feed your baby. This literally becomes a task you obsess over! This tiny little human who is your whole world needs to be kept alive. How? The concerns are endless. Is the baby latching properly. is the baby getting enough, how to boost your milk supply, how often do you feed, should you pump, how often…? Endless as I said. Welcome to one of many, but your very first “mom guilt” situation. Nothing seems to be right in your mind. The baby can’t tell you if she/he is happy, fed, hungry,etc. But they can cry, yes. And you stress..and you analyze and question and worry. And all of this is bad for your milk supply. Plus you are going through all of this on minimal, if any, sleep. Pretty crazy. Motherhood is truly one of the most exhausting yet exhilarating and priceless experiences you will ever have.  And yet as your baby grows you look back, reminisce and cherish all of the moments. Yes it sounds like madness.  It is impossible to explain, even writing about it doesn’t quite paint the picture.

Then there are endless products on the market for new breastfeeding moms. From belly wraps, girdles, nursing bras, nipple creams, nipple ointments, nursing pillows, handheld pumps, hand free pumps. What do you really need?? All you really need is to relax, enjoy and be there for your baby. Do what you need to get there… everyone is different.  There is no right or wrong thing to do except for what feels right.”


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