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Halloween-ing at home

We do a whole line up of activities during the month of October leading up to the 31st. From decorating indoors, to outdoors, to crafting, deciding on the costume, and baking ghostly, scary and yummy goodies. Then we carve the pumpkin to a theme of choice or to match our costumes.

It has now become a tradition and our little one looks forward to it as soon as summer is coming to an end.  We visit at least one farm for the pumpkin patch and outdoor fun and I make it a mission to discover a new one every year. Whether we do the animal petting zoo and rides, or the fall fair, or recently we started visiting a Pumpkin Nights of Lights. This truly becomes an activity to do for all ages.

As neighourhoods start decorating their homes, we also try to spend an evening taking walks or riding our bicycles and exploring the funniest, or scariest homes.

I always turn to researching a new scary cookie we can bake and my little helper is so eager to assist to create the most ghoulish tasty snack. She loves decorating them.

Which is why we also do crafts. Picking up a few new craft paper ideas from a local dollar store is always a fun activity on its own. And then the magic happens when we decide to create!!! Most often I let her imagination lead and I only participate when she asks for input. I love seeing what her little mind can come up with.

And lastly, everything is captured on camera. As these are truly priceless moments that go by so fast and I adore looking at the photos and videos.

So, happy Halloween-ing everyone!! We are almost mid way through before we turn into witches for the 31st!! Yes Hocus Pocus inspired !

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