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Children: How to choose a bicycle. Check out RoyalBaby.

Choosing a bicycle seemed to be an easy task to tackle as a parent when I was young. There wasn’t a lot of information on it, not to much obsessive thinking about the options are there were only a few.

But once I started researching options for a bike for my toddler I realized there is a now a whole ton of information on this.  Do you know that there are now summer bicycle cams where they learn all about bike riding? And then you have to decide when do you start, what is the perfect age?

Introducing your children to a balance bike first if they aren’t strong enough to pedal yet (age dependent).  I loved this idea!! It was a great starter that allowed my daughter to cruise around while balancing herself by pushing the bike along with her feet.  After this one we introduced a bigger bicycle with the training wheels.  I can’t even express how proud she is now that she can push the pedals and have me run after her.

Well this is how I came across RoyalBaby.  Their safety first moto was most appealing to me.  Kids’ bikes from RoyalBaby are ideally prepared for the specific needs of which children have on a bicycle. Benefited from continuous commitment to the improvement on R & D and advanced marketing strategy, RoyalBaby has successfully achieved its leading position in high quality child cycle market.

Their bicycles include all the high security elements such as child-oriented brake levers with a short lever distance for small hands, above average wide tires for comfort and riding stability or for safety tested reflectors.

While the high security standards will make the parents happy, optical integrated baskets, bells or bottles, boys and girls styles.  And lastly, RoyalBaby is a company your children will grow with bicycles up to 20” in size. Once you love and trust a brand, why go anywhere else?

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