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Looking for a fun gift for your kids? Look no further than RaddishKids!

This company was started by a teacher who decided to leave her school career behind and start teaching cooking to kids. Their company’s cooking kits for kids are a great gifting idea for all the right reasons. They are a different and most unique gift to give. The idea behind is to give them a gift to discover, learn, laugh, connect, and make memories together.

Raddish prepares kids for all stages of a delicious life: arming them with the culinary confidence to help their parents make dinner, to bake muffins for a neighbor, to prepare after-school snacks with their friends, and in time to feed their own families. Raddish makes cooking fun! The uniqueness of this gift is the fact that this is a great way to teach kids to take risks, learn from their mistakes, follow directions, foster creativity, curiosity, and resilience, become independent, and try new things.

Let us share a few very cute and relatable kits for the holidays.

Holiday Traditions Cooking Kit

This kit is very inclusive in that it offers culinary diversity with small bites from around the world! Prepare oven-fried Jewish latkes, explore a new way to make Mexican tamales, and decorate German gingerbread.







Snowed Inn Cooking Kit

This kit is made for a cozy day indoors. It includes recipes for Alpine Pancakes, Cozy Chicken and Dumplings, and Chocolate Snowball Cookies.



Holiday Bakeshop Cooking Kit

This one sells out almost every year and for all the good reasons!!  It is a kit including all the yumminess of the holidays: Gingerbread Muffins, Festive Pizza Wreath, and Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Cookies. What more could you need?







But do not stop here, do check out their website for the cutest accessories: t shirts, aprons, measuring sets, cook books and Bonus Bites packs! Their variety of recipes is updated regularly to introduce new and exciting recipes. The current promotion for Holiday Savings is amazing: Use code RADGIFT to save $20 on 6 Months and $40 on 12 Months 🎁

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