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Keep your toddler warm in the winter

So we know it is coming, the cold, the wind, and for some of us the snow. And a lot of it.

Your toddlers will most likely want to explore the winter wonderland on a regular basis but how do you ensure to keep them toasty and comfy? That is not to say that you won’t enjoy the winter walks with your infants. So let’s cover the basics of dressing your baby and your toddler.

Despite the age, when it comes to dressing a child for winter, there are two most important things to remember:

  1. Natural fabrics of basic clothes that should fit the body of your child;
  2. High quality of a snowsuit (waterproof mandatory). Check out Decathlon for snow suits and many more on their website for kids of all ages. This ski/snow suit is warm, waterproof and lightweight so that your baby can enjoy sledging and have fun in the snow without feeling constrained.
  3. It is easy to get on thanks to its wide opening.  A cool concept is the elastic at bottom to put over the snow boots preventing snow and cold from going under.

Primarily, the baby needs to be fairly well dressed under the snowsuit so as they do not feel overdressed or not able to move. Most often these layers are made of cotton/rayon/bamboo or fleece.

You will find that most outdoor outfits are either one or two piece. One-piece snowsuits are generally meant for your infant that will need to be kept warm in their stroller. They are very convenient to be put on with one long zipper across. Keep in mind that ears, hands and feet are most at risk for frostbite, so make sure they are well covered also.

Two-piece snowsuits are predominantly selected for toddlers. Thanks to the adjustment on the bottom seams on pants, it is easy to adjust the length as they grow. As they do grow so fast, one snowsuit can last them one season if not another half of the next. Keep in mind it is also easy for your toddler age child to learn to dress themselves if it is a two piece snowsuit. Plus they are easy for potty breaks.

In most cases, the choice between one- or two-piece snowsuits for boys and girls is subjective. Both of these options should be comfy.It is also super important to check the recommendations of washing & cleaning for a snowsuit not to ruin the quality of the material. And do not forget to enjoy wintertime and spend it actively with your kid!

And do not forget footwear. Look at these adorable Barbie EMU Australia boots for your toddler!! The Barbie Wallaby Print Lo features a bold metallic all-over repeating print for a fun and fashionable look. This is a stylish and comfortable children’s mid calf boot for everyday wear. Made with premium suede and lined with soft Merino wool, these boots keep feet warm and cosy. EMU Australia footwear is proud of their footwear’s weather resistance, creating a whole new level of freedom and function. They promote their certified waterproof technology which is tested both in controlled conditions. Guess what else?  They encourage jumping in puddles as they know that footwear should not hold your littles back in play time!

  • Suede upper
  • 100% Australian Merino wool lining and wool lined footbed
  • Soft EVA midsole for comfort
  • Superior double stitched seams for added strength
  • Flexible TRP outsole with wave design for traction and grip


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