When to wean?

Yes, another very controversial topic. And the decision couldn’t be any more personal than it is. Most importantly, do not let society or judgement dictate. Weigh the pros and cons, weigh your life’s circumstances, are you working from home, what shifts do you work, do you have other children, etc. Most pediatricians will suggest nursing is beneficial to a child up to age 2 with the first year being crucial as the baby gets all the nutrition this way. After age one, it is mostly comfort feeding your child still seeks. Sometimes this is linked to where the child sleeps; in their own room or co-sleeping with mom. Once again, the way you choose is easiest and right for your child and your family is simply the best way for you. No rules or guidebooks exist on this. Other moms can be your resource when figuring out your options but do not compare or judge yourself through it all. A lot of moms find nursing the most special bonding experience but some feel a lot of discomfort from it the entire time. Therefore, everyone’s reasons are their own and you just need to find yours.

And try to remember: The word “wean” means a passage from one relationship to another –not a loss or detachment from a relationship.

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