Travelling with your child(ren)

Yes it most certainly can be done!

But with a bit advance planning and preparation. In reality more than half the stress is getting there and once you arrive, things do seem to fall into place.

Now just a short and not all inclusive list of recommendations to make your journey pleasant:

1. Bring a few changes of clothes for the little and yourself.

You know very well how easily their mess transfers on to you 🙂 Extra diapers, wipes, formula (if applicable)

2. Load your iPad, tablet with kid friendly shows, games, activities (age dependent)

3. Prepare a snack box with all the favourites for your child to keep them occupied, entertained and not to depend on airplane snacks and the timing of these.

4. Hide some special snacks for “bribes” as you may encounter a situation when you resort to this to calm your child down or get them to focus. Airplane is definitely a difficult place to discipline as you would at home.

5. Pack some activity games, books, toys, etc. especially your child’s favourite toy or a blankie if there is one!! You do not want to leave this behind:-) Their comfort is your comfort and trying to make this as least as possible out of the ordinary for them is the ultimate goal.

6. Do NOT stress/panick. Children are super intuitive and will most certainly pick up on these emotions and make them their own.

A few other tips would be to try to travel during their nap time, baby wear, pack/bring their carseat, stay within your time zone to avoid jetlag. And gate check your stroller. Just the journey through the airport will be enough to feel stressed so keeping your child occupied and safe in their stroller until the gate is most recommended. That way at least you don’t need to worry about them wandering around in an airport packed with people. Do not feel like anyone is judging you, do your best to handle your child as you would at home.


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