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Which toys should you buy?

So times have changed,  and today’s toddlers have entire floors of a house covered with their toy setups.  Whether it is a room on the main floor, family room in the basement, they literally have so many toys they need a lot of your floor space to be able to use it.  Toys are now made of all kinds of materials, they have multiple uses, they are budget friendly and everyone wants to buy your child one!! This is why they accumulate so many.

Maybe books are the way to your child’s heart.  The earlier you start reading with them, the more of an interest they may develop. A kids company about mission is: To empower a generation of kids through diverse storytelling.  They cater to children between 0-4 and then 5-9.

And to make it more special, perhaps create a personalized storybook with your child as the main character in it.  Mumablue is where you can do this. Make it a birthday gift or a special holiday story and this may as well be their favourite book ever.

Lastly, did you know you can rent top rated toys and baby gear? Yes, you don’t need to own it all! There are websites out there where you sign up for a membership, browse the selection, set up your desired delivery, and then swap or return any time! Isn’t this the most magical service ever? Especially as your toddler may lose interest and not want to play with any toy for too long. Think of the clutter that will be reduced!! In addition to toys, you can choose to rent travel gear you may not own and you need for that upcoming vacation.

If this speaks your language, then check out Loop!

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