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The perfect age gap

Is there such a thing as a proven perfect age gap? There are all kinds of studies you can read on the impact of sibling age gaps, including for the birthing parent, the children’s development, and the quality of sibling relationships.
In the end though, the decision has to come from what works for you, your family situation, finances, etc.  There are way too many factor to consider and weigh.


In reality, it may be best to start with the mother’s well being, as it is probably best to wait until a mom is physically and mentally rested and ready to do it all again, as a pregnancy with the first child is very different than the second. Your first born will need your attention and care while your body is going through growing a human.  All the while your job, household and other chores still exist.  Once you add the increased financial expenses, the situation calls for a lot of stress possibly especially relationship stress.
How will the age gap affect the children? Will they play or fight more or less if they have less or more of a gap? There is no perfect formula as each child has its own character, needs, and emotional development. You will hear often it is easier to do 2 under 2 as they are both too young to understand jealousy and attention loss, as well as they are both in the diaper stage simultaneously.
However a larger age gap, some say allows for the older child to be mature enough to want to help nurture and care for their baby sibling.  But as they grow up will this age gap affect how close they are versus the first scenario with less than 2 years apart?
Parents put a lot of pressure on themselves and set some possibly some unreasonable expectations when they are weighing the circumstances and making the age gap decision. Some will allow mother nature to take its course and go with the flow but more often than not, a lot of analyzing and planning goes into the decision.  Whatever it may be for you, make it yours as the most perfect and recommended age gap has not been set.

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