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Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

“A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.”

What is the best way to make them feel extra special on Mother’s Day? We have compiled a list of unique ideas in addition to the traditional ones.  Your mom may have some hobbies she is very passionate about which may make it super easy to get her gifts.  But…..if you are looking for non typical gifts that will surprise your mom then read on.


Itzy Ritzy is a shop like no other. Perfectly suited for parents. Have a look at their collection of travel everything, packing cubes, backpacks, purse organizing pouches and most adorable sanitizer holder charms!! Might sound typical but if your mom likes to travel, she will for sure love the items from Itzy’s collection.


Does your mom have a new favourite show she is binging? Well, may be just the place to find her a cool gift then. is an online shopping destination combining official curated products and rich storytelling to create a unique Netflix shopping experience. How neat right? Hey if you watch the same show, you may want to get a matching t shirt, mug, hat, bag, jewellery….. I mean who doesn’t watch and love Emily in Paris? You dig the idea? You are welcome!!


Maisonette was founded by two moms in 2017 with the goal of helping modern families navigate the adventure of raising the next generation. They are an expertly-curated marketplace featuring the best products from around the globe: stylish clothing, top toys and gear, and home décor – plus, trusted guidance and inspiration. If you do want to do typical yet different, go with Maisonette. Take a look at their gorgeous jewellery selection for your mom and maybe add on some fabulous dresses, and clothing pieces.


Now, if you really want to go authentic and super creative, with like a DIY, Cricut will be the option for you! With the right selection of presses, materials and bundles you will be able to create magic, from your own ideas and make literally whatever you want. Your own imagination, your own design, 100% authentic and unique. Whether you want to gift her flowers in a vase or a pallet etched by your own Cricut design, or get her personalized kitchen towels, watering can, mug, cup or sweatshirt. For beginners, Cricut makes it easy to make super cute cards from you and the grandkids, or perhaps a flower pick for that gorgeous bouquet you will be getting her. Honestly, the sky is the limit with their products!! And this is one to use for many other holidays and occasions.


Get her a subscription for multi vitamins!!! You want your mom to stay and keep healthy, don't you? And she may not know about Ritual so this is a great opportunity to introduce her. Ritual is created by a woman who wouldn't settle for less than the truth. In her own search for ideal vitamins, she found questionable ingredients. This is literally why all of their products come with a Certificate of Traceability which allows you to discover all the sourcing, testing, and packaging details for every Ritual product. You cannnot go wrong with getting your mom a multivitamin, Essential for Women. Their company has challenged some of the top scientists to reimagine the daily multivitamin for women. The result is everything a multivitamin should be.

They offer a selection of these in their shop, age group dependant, with free shipping and money back guarantee always.

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