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Scavenger Hunt for Xmas ??

Christmas is a time for giving! But what if times are tough and it is a struggle to be able to buy gifts for your children, do not feel bad. You can still do it!! Keep it humble, simple and inexpensive yet so so much fun! A scavenger hunt for Xmas will not disappoint!

And hey if you feel like your children will get too many toys/gifts from other relatives, you can do a Scavenger hunt with them and use the basics! A fun toothbrush, toothpaste, tattoo stickers, small chocolates, socks, mittens, hot chocolate packs, crafts, etc!! Pretty much all of your stocking stuffers can be used for this fun game that will last and entertain the children and entire family.

Have a look at the suggested idea and change it accordingly. Hey if you live in a warm place you can even expand it to outside your house. Have the adults participate too!

The novelty of the game will be so much more rewarding than the gifts themselves! Merry Xmas everyone!

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