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Co-sleeping with your child


One of the many very controversial topics when it comes to sleep and parenting. How do you handle it in your household? What is the right way? The way that will teach your child independence and have them grow up at the pace of your expectations? What do your friends do?? Are you embarrassed to admit you co-sleep? Are you enabling your child and creating a bond that will prevent them from letting go and maturing? Honestly, do what works for you, your family, your child. Do what feels right. After all, your child will grow up, time will pass and they won’t forever sleep in your bed. But the cuddles and murmuring “i love you’s” will remain in your heart forever. And if sleep training early on is what you wish to do, to create routines as soon as realistic, then that is also what you should do. Studies show co-sleeping can help increase the duration of breastfeeding, as moms who co-sleep can more easily breastfeed at night, and are more likely to continue long term. With other people in the bed, there is a chance babies can be injured by parents that move or roll over in their sleep.

On average, children who bedshare do tend to transition to sleeping independently about a year later than other children, but they may be more independent, self-reliant, and confident in their daily lives than children who did not bedshare.

We are all simply doing our best to give our children what they need, raise them well and all that while incorporating our lifestyle, our jobs, our own health. After all, they need us, our love, attention and care whichever way you choose to do it.

Simply take the safety precautions necessary and do what works for your own family.


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