Potty training “how to”

There are endless ideas you will encounter and try to accomplish this much needed milestone for your toddler. And every child is different and responds to encouragement and motivation differently so it might take some time to find what works for you and your child.

Most often you will be told to prepare to bribe you child with their favourite treat, snack, game, or toy as a reward. Call it a “potty” present. And make sure they understand there is more than one!! As they should now continue using the potty regularly.

Just because your child went potty two, three days in a row, doesn’t mean you have overcome the hurdle and they won’t hesitate to dot it again.  You may be surprised that you are once again at step 1 of potty training.

Entertain your child, distract them, cheer them on! Turn this event into a potty party that everyone in the household celebrates. Your child likes to be praised and this is how they distinguish between good and bad behaviours. Well potty training will need a lot or patience and praise.

And overall, parents need to give this their all and allow enough time and persistence for this to work. Maybe even a treat for themselves is only fair!! 🙂


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