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Helping your preschooler with homework

When it comes to homework, it is so important to keep the kids them motivated. But resist the urge to provide the right answers or complete assignments. Even better, spend time nearby and be there to offer support and guidance, answer questions, help interpret assignment instructions, and review the completed work.

Focus on helping kids develop the problem-solving skills they’ll need to get through this assignment and any others, and offer your encouragement as they do. They’ll develop confidence and a love of learning from doing it themselves. It should not feel like work as we know kids want to play 99% of the time so it is best to encourage them to do it for personal achievements and feeling good about themselves.

Some parents manage to guide their kids through these moments with relative ease. And many others hire tutors. The large majority of parents, especially since online learning became a thig, is struggling home trying to control the meltdowns while trying to focus on the homework.

Your Complete Guide to English Grammar

To simplify the matter, parents can do some simple things such as dedicating a space—whether a desk or a comfy seat—for their child to sit and write, giving their kid a journal or folder for their written work, and providing individualized feedback, praise, and encouragement.

Grammarly can help with all the rest. Running your child’s work through Grammarly Premium, and then looking at the suggestions yourself, can help you filter out which writing skills they need the most help with, and how you can help.

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