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Valentine’s Day with Your Kids

Here are some fun Valentine’s Day Fun Facts
  • It is a day to show your love!!
  • The first Valentine’s Day celebration occurred in Paris.
  • 145 million greeting cards are exchanged every year for Valentine’s Day.
  • About 20 percent of pet owners give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets.
  • Candy hearts were originally medical lozenges.

How do you teach your young ones about Valentines and what activities can you do together? Well aside from the obvious baking heart shaped cookies, coloring them red and pink, we have a few suggestions.

Make Valentine’s Day cards for family and friends


Well however you prefer! Whether you start from scratch or buy pre-made cards for your little one to embellish. Ask them to choose their favorite people to express their love for.

Make a Valentine day puzzle


To make this name puzzle, cut out a heart from construction paper, and print the child’s name on the heart or ask them to do it on their own. Then draw curvy and zigzag lines between each letter.  (Total of 4 lines) Then either you cut along the lines or the child does to create 5 puzzle pieces. Finally, ask the child to find the letters, reassemble the name and glue the pieces in correct order onto a  white piece of paper. This is a great teaching moment while utilizing their skills or teaching them a new one, for example scissor cutting.

Make Celery Heart stamps


First, cut stalks of celery.  The cut ends look just like hearts, doesn’t it? Then dip those celery hearts into paint and stamp them all over paper or premade cards for their friends.  We cut out some paper hearts to stamp, and stamped the hearts on regular Valentines too.

Make Mosaic Rock Hearts

If you like using clay or even salt dough, your little one will absolutely adore this activity! It is probably safe to say that an age requirement of 4 would be the minimum for this one. First you two have to either collect small rocks outside (if weather permits) or buy some at a craft store. Then you paint each rock a different colour.  Then, use a rolling pin to flatten a mound of clay/salt dough and press a heart-shaped cookie cutter into the clay and leave it in.  Ask your little one now to press the colored rocks into it! Add some more glue along the sides and sprinkle with glitter – there are no rules about how sparkly this should be!! You can keep this as a paper weight, it can be a gift for their favourite teacher or even aa hanging ornament (all you need to do is pole a hole at the top).


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