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Top Five Halloween costumes for toddler girls

While it’s fairly easy to pick a costume for a baby, your toddlers would have more of an opinion about what (or who) they’d like to dress up as — which means they’re going to want more creative control. It might be as simple as choosing their favourite Disney / cartoon character, or your might be in need of inspiration. What we have here is a list of top 5 most bought / searched for toddler girl costumes for 2022.   See if you can get approvals from your little ones on one of these:

1 With the release of Hocus Pocus 2, this year’s number one pick is a Witch costume. It even includes the smallest details: the hat and the broom.




2 Baby Shark Costume

The song is stuck in your head all the time anyway. You might as well get an adorably dressed kid out of the deal! She’ll want to wear this pink romper all the time.






3 Mirabel from ‘Encanto’ Costume

Guaranteed that your little Encanto mega-fan will want to wear this Mirabel costume all year long.






4 Tutu Costume

Your toddler will be the most glamorous, shimmery, unicorn ballerina on the block! This one might be handy for birthdays, picture day, or just good ol’ dress up.






5 Wonder Woman Costume

A Wonder Woman costume lets your girl knows that she can save the world!




Don’t let our Top 5 stop you for going the traditional route, the Little Pumpkin, Chicken, Cow, Ghost or Black Kitty costume.

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