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Stocking Stuffer Ideas

As we go about our holiday shopping, let us not forget the stocking stuffers.  Whether it’s for boys or girls, babies, toddlers or older kids, we have put together a list of fun but also useful items to help you this year. The gifts under the tree are usually the main attraction but some excitement and meaningfulness should be discovered in kids’ stockings too!

  1. Hair accessories
  2. Mini Puzzles
  3. Lego mini sets like this Mini Disney Castle!!
  4. Nail stickers
  5. Batteries (can’t ever have too many of these)
  6. Movie tickets
  7. Bath bubbles or bath bombs
  8. Funky band aids/temporary tattoos
  9.  And for for a baby on your list, take a look at this cute wooden Ball Wheel Grasping Toy from HABA.
  10. Markers/crayons/playdoh
  11. Chapsticks
  12. Small tubs of Nutella (buy extra for adults on your list)
  13. Cute gloves or special character print ones
  14. Holiday socks
  15. Oh and hey have you ever gifted gummy vitamins  to a toddler (avoid the sugar but keep it fun!). You must get these cute Kids Multi Probiotic by Olly.
  16. Gifts for crafts
  17. Gift certificates
  18. Small books
  19. A new fun toothbrush
  20. Fun sparkly toothpaste (yes it is a thing! Google it)

Hope this list gives you some ideas. Obviously there was no need to list sweets. You can still throw in any special festive chocolates, candies, lollipops, etc. Those will for sure not go to waste and can be shared.

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