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Skeptic about what is in your Multivitamins? Read on!

What we must start off by saying about Ritual is the following:

1. It is created for skeptics, by skeptics.

2. It is created by a woman who wouldn’t settle for less than the truth.

3. Absolutely No B.S.

We all care so much about what we put in and on our bodies, but when it comes to vitamins, we still rely on blind faith. Too often, companies make their process and formulations intentionally confusing to keep their customers from knowing what’s really going on. Ritual proudly stands behind their products with no unnecessary ingredients and with nutrients in their best forms.

What they also do is quite radical you may think. They publicly share the source, supplier, and final place of manufacturing of ingredients for all their active and other ingredients with customers and competitors.  Ritual chooses to only partner with suppliers who care as much about their supply chains as they do. Did you know:

  • Ritual provides Canadian-developed Omega-3 DHA in their Essential Multivitamins and cuts out the middle fish
  • Ritual’s novel 3-in-1 Synbiotic+ includes a Postbiotic, Corebiome™ Tributyrin, from Spain
  • Scotland is known for more than haggis, it’s where Ritual gets Vitamin C for the Essential for Kids Multivitamin

In order to best benefit from Ritual, customers are invited to complete their personalized questionnaire to allow Ritual’s experts to design a Ritual right for them. Once you make your final selection from their suggestions, you immediately save $15 on your first bundle.  And shipping is always free for subscribers. You do not need to worry about running out and placing orders on the regular. Ritual will also do that for you.

Ritual has recently added Daily Shakes to their list of products. Their shakes are plant-based proteins, proactive by nature. With clean, sugar-free† formulas, they deserve a place in your daily diet to help support the nutrient demands of key life stages.

Their shake selections are for: Daily Shake 18+, Daily Shake 50+ and Daily Shake pregnancy and postpartum.

Honestly, we feel like there isn’t much more we could add about the beauty of the Ritual. Become a subscriber for your health today!


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