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Secondhand vs buying new

We live in a world where it is very common to just throw clothes away, sometimes donate to family or even a thrift store.  This is mostly baby and kids clothing. Their clothing is least used before it becomes unusable as it no longer fits.  From season to season all children out there outgrow their clothing and footwear and need new bigger sizes.  And then the cycle continues with parents buying new clothing that fits. Or fits for a little while.

There are most certainly a wide number of good reasons why it’s important to consider thrifting or buying from second hand clothing stores. These range across a broad range of things, from environmental factors to saving money and even making a bit of extra cash.

It is a known fact that children cost money, they are out ultimate sacrifice. Having them is so rewarding yet from the moment they are born they have their own needs and as a result we have expenses. Primary diapers, formula, daycares, physical activities, educational extra curricular etc.  But one very large cost is their clothing as it needs to be purchased every single season.

And then parents, either hand down their smaller clothes or donate to a thrift store or even a charitable cause.  Lately, parents have been utilizing online marketplaces where they can sell these items to other parents in need. Each outfit that has been outgrown could be earning you a few extra bucks, for those new jackets, shoes, snowpants……

Have you considered that thrifting may be especially beneficial if you have a big festive celebration. Do you really need to buy them fancy clothing that they may never wear again? Even for a seasonal family photo shoot? Rather than spending money on a fancy outfit your child may only wear once, you could try thrifting, exploring local community online used clothing platforms  or even borrowing.

There are certain items that you may want to purchase brand new, such as infant clothing perhaps, or later on underwear, even socks.  But rain jackets, snow suits, or even ski boots, the best place you can get these at the most attractive price is your used clothing source. And the money you may be saving may very well be used towards their extra curricular or even that Disney vacation you are planning.

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