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Road Tripping with the Family

Fear not, and read on. We have a list of tips to make sure your family road trip will be memorable and fun for everyone.


As long as you check off the following musts, your getaway will be a great time:

  1. PLAN the entire itinerary especially the break times, especially stretch breaks
  2. Bring snacks for everyone’s tastes (preferably swap sugary snacks for an endless supply of healthy ones)
  3. Bring surprise toys, play sets that are travel friendly to help entertain
  4. Make sure the iPad, tablets etc. are charged and headphones are packed
  5. Play “I spy with my little eye” for hours of endless driving 🙂
  6. Engage the kids in making music selection for everyone to participate in

Because snacks do happen, you should invest in the cutest Mini Reusable Snack and Everything Bag.  And then have a peek at the Diva of all bags, have a look at the Dream Convertible Diaper Bag, a multi-function bag which takes on many forms while offering plenty of pockets. It easily converts from a backpack diaper bag to a crossbody shoulder bag or handy tote.

Probably the best advice you may need from this is to stay hydrated BUT but don’t ignore the reality that random drinks lead to random bathroom breaks. Instead keep everyone hydrated by offering cucumber, grapes, or watermelon.

Honestly as prepared as you might be, you should remain flexible and the least stressed as possible. Traffic and weather conditions may totally get in the way and affect the itinerary you may have anticipated.  Never forget that the journey is more important than the destination! These priceless drives will become family memories you will be creating that are meant to stay in everyone’s memories for a long time.

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