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Moms should be more seflish

Moms are literally the busiest people on the planet, right? They either have full time jobs or are stay at home, they take care of the children, the house, cooking, the groceries, school activities, birthday planning, the list goes on and on. They have a million tabs open in their mind, making sure nothing is forgotten and everyone is taken care of. But who takes care of them?? Do they even have time to think about themselves?

Moms have to prioritize themselves and that isn’t a selfish statement in any way.  In order to excel and be the best at all the things,  they have to have rest, peace of mind, relaxation and fun times just for themselves. Whether it is yoga, the gym, going for a walk, the spa, brunch with your girlfriends, reading a book, even a small thing such as taking a long bath, do it for YOURSELF! Your children, partner, even your pets, will appreciate it.

The patience, tolerance and focus needed to do all the mom things is a lot! And it is a job that never stops, it is 24/7, 365 days a year. Taking the time to spend half a day, a day, even a weekend away to relax and do what YOU love to do is necessary in order to be the best at what you do the rest of the time. And yes, mom guilt is a real thing, so leaving your family to do something for yourself may not sit well with you.   Moms always seem to feel like they aren’t doing the most right, or best things for their family.  Do they have too much screen time, did they eat enough vegetables, did they have enough outdoor time, the list is absolutely endless. And this guilt is always present, whether you are with your family, doing your best or actually being away at a spa, catching a breath and reading your favorite book uninterrupted.  Mom guilt is all those shoulds, the supposed to’s, and the other moms are… clanking around in your head as you try to make it through the day. It is absolutely constant and it is a whole separate topic. It needs to be acknowledged and controlled as it is absolutely not a healthy way to think.

Moms need to disconnect often. Just to reset and refresh their nonstop evergoing thoughts even.  They need to allow themselves time away from the children, the house, the chores.  And guess what, most moms feel like folding the laundry while watching their fav Netflix show in their bedroom is alone time! Or even doing groceries alone. Absolutely not! Those are all mom chores and just because you are alone and uninterrupted doesn’t mean those tasks give you pleasure and allow you to relax. Think to yourself before you became a mom, a partner.  What did you enjoy doing? What were your hobbies? Losing yourself is something that happens to a lot of moms as they simply become programmed to sacrifice and as a result never think about eat they love and enjoy anymore.

And if it is hard to find time in your busy mom schedule for “mom self care” then make reoccurring appointments. Put it in your family calendar next to all the swimming, dance and soccer lessons and commit. Once that reminder pops up for “mom time”, get out, do something that truly satisfies you.  Once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy it, even ask for more of it. Do it for yourself, but in essence, do it for your family! Because you matter, a lot, mom!

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