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Easy Easter Crafts with the Family

Hey do you know Easter is early this year? Are you preparing a big family oriented set of activities ? What do you do for Easter in your home?

Other than the obvious fun things to do such as decorating Easter eggs, having the Easter egg hunt or doing different bunny inspired crafts, have you ever held an Easter themed playdoh challenge, play the Bunny Hop or play Easter Bingo?

Well if crafts are your thing, we have assembled a few super cute ideas to do with the kids to celebrate Easter.

Easter Bunny Crafts with Popsicle Sticks

Supplies Needed to Make a Craft Stick Easter Bunny: Craft glue, some pom poms, cardstock paper in colour, googly eyes, scissors and craft sticks.

How to: Cut out the following shapes from cardstock for each bunny: 2 white ears,  2 small pink, blue or yellow inside ear shapes, 2 white feet, and 2 pink, blue or yellow circles for the feet. Then ….glue the two pieces together for each foot and ear. Start by gluing the two ears behind the top of the popsicle, and the feet to the bottom of it. Don’t forget to cut out some carrot shapes. For the bunny faces use thin strips of paper for the whiskers, mall googly eyes and a small pom pom on top of the whiskers for the nose. Draw the little mouth with the marker and final touch, glue the carrot to the stick.  Ta-dah….use these cute bunnies for a bookmark, add them to gift baskets, or use them to decorate and display the kids’ artwork.

Make Bunny Masks

Supplies: different colours of cardstock paper, elastic pieces, scissors, glue and some markers.

How: Cut out a shape of a bunny’s head a number of times. Separately cut out glasses, hats, bows, hairclips, whiskers, etc. Then design your own masks using the cutouts and make two holes on each side, connect with elastic and wear on your face for some cute photos!!

Cotton Ball Bunny Cards

Supplies: cotton balls, cardstock paper, glue, googly eyes, pompoms, scissors.

How: For the bunny face, fold your white cardstock in half and then trace the face part of the template so that the card will open up. Cut out ears and attach to the back of the card, Cover front with glue and start placing small cotton balls to fill it entirely. Use the googly eyes and make whiskers from either cardstock (or if you have it use pipe cleaners), attach a pom pom for the nose. Draw a mouth of use a pipecleaner to glue it on in the shape of a mouth. Open the card and write personalized messages for Easter for your friends and family!!

Feel free to switch up the bunnies for little chicks, why not?? Hope this has inspired you a little bit as well as prepared you for memorable Easter fun in your home this year!

Happy Easter!

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