Must Have

Did you lose yourself to motherhood

Does your life revolve around your children?

As much as you feel that’s the only way and it pleases you entirely, it may not be the right balance. You may have completely forgotten your identity pre motherhood and along with that all your own personal interests and hobbies.

But you must find your “me” time again no matter how hard and impossible it seems. You must do it for the sake of the family, truly.  It may not at all be the activities you used to do before, instead something new might peak your interest.  You are now a different person as motherhood does change you and this should not be ignored. But that does not mean it needs to be 24/7.  Sometimes a simple half an hour away from the usual place and people will give your mind and body a rest that it needs.


It’s easier said than done for sure. But whether you are a planner or a spontaneous mom, make sure you take time to step out for coffee, meet friends, do a yoga class, or at least go for a walk. Depending on your mood you decide what you need; alone time or girlfriends over brunch fun.  Squeezing this into your regular routine will heal you mentally, refresh you energy at every level, and make you a much less “tired” mom to your kiddos. It truly works miracles.  Speak to your partner, family members, friends, whoever is your support mechanism, and if necessary arrange this reoccurring getaways for yourself. Put in the calendar and done!


You will not regret it plus you will find yourself selfishly wanting more and looking forward to that next “me” appointment. And your family, they also will be very happy to have you back refreshed and the happiest version of yourself.

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