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Combat the cold season with your littles

Is there anything you can do to protect your child from the endless series of germs and viruses? Well, it is a known fact that by exposing them to these is simply a part of them building their immunity.  On average, kids under age 3 catch six to eight colds a year. Your child’s immune system is not fully developed until approximately the age of 8. Until then it may seem as if they are sick every week, catching every cough, sniffle and stomach bug there is.  This especially begins when they are in daycare and preschool.

It is important to start your children from baby age on some supplements. Breastfed babies are usually well safeguarded by antibodies from their mother’s milk but after that time, they are left exposed to the world of germs.  (this is obviously presuming you consider immunization recommendations for various ages).

  • Vitamin C may help prevent viral, bacterial and other infections by shortening the duration of colds and acting as a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory.
  • Elderberry for kids has many benefits but it’s especially powerful for supporting immune health and combating colds and flu. It can be taken as a daily supplement or when extra support is needed. Sambucol  takes great pride in its elderberry products, whether to prevent or combat colds and flu. Their product line contains either gummies or syrups available for children.
  • Vitamin D, one of the most important immune system-strengthening nutrients, can reduce the risk of colds and flu. iHerb’s product line has a vast selection of baby supply of vitamin D, gummies for toddlers and older children as well as the parents.
  • Another one of the important minerals that can help a kid’s immune system is zinc. There are supplements out there starting at 12 months.
  • Overall, make sure your kids eat their fruits and vegetables. Have a look at Munchkin and their snack containers so there are simply no excuses.  They sell  spill-proof toddler snack containers with soft flaps for easy food access. They fit most standard cup holders in cars, car seats, strollers, etc. Most importantly, they are BPA free and top rack dishwasher safe.
  • It’s also important to give kids a good source of probiotics. Not only do a lot of yogurts contain probiotics, but it’s also easy very easy to entice kids to eat it.
  • Sleep is crucial is staying well and strong to combat the colds.
  • Hand washing should be on the regular.
  • Teach them to cover their mouth when sneezing, coughing.
  • Keep the kids active.
  • Always keep them hydrated.


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